Phnom Penh: National Bank of Cambodia allows Vattanac Bank to launch Mobile Banking, a financial service Digital, which operates through smart phones (Smart Phone) to its customers from July 29, 2020, which This is considered to be another new historical event of Vattanac Bank. This is according to the press release of Vattanac Bank.

"The launch of Vattanac Mobile Banking today is another step forward," the source said. Vattanac Bank's success in contributing to the development and modernization of digital services in the banking sector to answer Respond in time to the needs of customers on a financial service that is modern, convenient, fast and highly secure. "Long-term and clear vision for digitalization of bank operations."

The press release issued by Vattanac Bank on July 29 also states that this mobile banking service offers customers Many of the most up-to-date uses for its financial transactions include:

– Checking account balance (including debit and credit card)
Bank transfer (its account and other accounts)
– Payment of water and electricity bills
– Credit Card Payment
– Phone top up
– Management of card usage, instant notification
Detailed transaction check as well as many other programs. In collaboration