The audience for half a year to find out who is the top emperor in the Khmer Emperor ISI PALM- ISI PIPE Season 2, 57kg at PNN, will be closed on Sunday, July 5th. 2020 this weekend when Van Voeun heads up against Eli Chamroeun in the final of the gold and silver medal 40 million riel. These two tigers went through and overcame many obstacles and difficulties, reaching the final stages of Cambodia's unmistakable Khun Khmer battle.

Pen Kikun Khmer student club Elith Chamroeun paved his way to the country, first using his heavy left foot to cross the cross eagle from Thailand's Khmay Phay in the second round on February 2nd. February 2020. After that, a Cambodian keeper from Battambang's Thmor Kol district passed through a much larger barrier, defeating Khut Khut through their left leg in the third round of March 16 to secure the silver belt as a bridge. Reach the semi-finals of the Gold Medal, where they won the Bundesliga champions' strong points on 14 June.

Pursat club player Van Voeun, Khleang Voeun, also shared the wisdom of a bloody sweat before being allowed to touch Eli Chamroeun in the final of the gold belt. Sok Vyayy successfully opened the first round with a left knee, splashing a bucket of water on Thai Taiyai Inc in the second round on January 26.

The next two stages were even tougher for the Svay Rieng-born player, who had beaten all five at the same time against the same Khun Khmer. But the two-time SEA Games bronze medalist has always been successful in winning the crown on May 31, despite being referenced in the first round. And on June 21, National Player of the Year Sok Sok won the Ananoth points to seize his seat against Eli Chamroeun. Van Voeun says that Eli Chamroeun is a smart and good kicker and taller, but not afraid. Instead, Voeun focuses on strengthening Suf and its own techniques for overcoming prosperity. For Voeun, the expectation of winning is 50-50.

In addition, Voeun wants to keep a record of the last 10 consecutive games. And Chamroeun did not dare to underestimate Van Voeun, instead praising Voeun's wisdom for maneuvering his opponent in a dangerous way and with dangerous elbows, giving a crack on the face of almost all his opponents. They are.

However, Chamroeun aspires to get the gold belt. So look forward to the unbeaten finals of the KI Khmer Emperor ISI PALM-ISI PIPE's 57kg heavyweight bout between Eli Chamroeun and Van Voeun on Sunday, July 5, 2020 on CNN, Peg Facebook PNN Sports, Facebook, ISI STEEL, and others.

On the same day, there was an emotional roller coaster between British superstar and Max Shaw and several other couples. There are also special performances from pre-season artists to the finals.

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