The Ministry of Education has issued guidelines on how to prevent its activitiesUnusual in the sense of love in public and private institutions, as this day is not traditionally a Khmer No, some young Cambodians forget that education deprives individuals, families, and families of their culture and traditions. Lol.

According to the instructions on February 11, 2020, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has observed that some students may be confused that February 14 is a holiday or a date. See you in love. It is not a traditional Khmer holiday. Few young people forget to lose their dignity, personalities, and families apart from the Khmer culture and tradition.

To further strengthen the implementation of the Internal Regulations for all public schools, the Ministry of Education is proposing measures to curb nonprofit activities by the 14th. February at public and non-public institutions: 1) To disseminate to students in any way, such as by meeting at church. Not to be Misrepresenting the meaning of Valentine's Day 2) Must strictly enforce discipline, especially on the management of women Normalizing attendance by regular student attendance 3) Promoting the functioning of the Youth Council of the School Council by implementing Be proactive in educating friends Parents, guardians, students, and the community to provide and receive information regarding student-centered activities for collaboration. Curriculum educates students in the timely manner.

According to information published on the website, Valentine's Day is celebrated on the 14th of February. This festival is a day to emphasize common love, not just for couples. Love is broad. But Valentine's Day is often misunderstood, thinking that this holiday is only for couples, especially among young people. This holiday is Valentines Day. This holiday season, people like to give flower bouquets, silas or cards to each other. The symbols of Valentine's Day are hearts, roses and children, love gods with arrows and hearts.

The legend is that in the third century AD Valentine was a priest of the city of Tymi (Italy). It is not permissible or in some cases for the slave to be a slave or a soldier in the law of the country. Valentine has arranged for flowers to be placed in his garden (which is why flowers play such an important role in Valentine's Day). This did not please the Emperor, so on February 14, 269, Valentine was sentenced to death.

In the United States and Europe, in the 19th century, the custom of giving greetings on Valentine's Day was popular. They are designed with different shapes, such as hearts or flowers. In addition, they wrote poems that express their feelings and love for the recipient. Today, this gift card idea is still in use, and they try to make it sweeter by writing it with a password or by changing it. Characters to numbers etc. Posted by: Col