WASHINGTON – Vice President Mike Pence announced Friday that the Grand Princess Cruise ship off the coast of California has at least 21 people infected with the virus, and all 3,522 will be tested. Keep this virus on.

The ship will be docked at a non-commercial port to facilitate passenger testing to ensure the safety of its passengers. Ensure that they do not spread the germs 19. Only 46 people on major cruise ships were tested for the virus.

Of those infected, 19 were crew and two were passengers. Another 22 people aboard the yacht have been tested negative and one is ineligible, officials said at a press conference at the White House.

The ship, carrying 1,100 crew members and 2,600 passengers, left San Francisco on February 21 for a cruise to Hawaii. The planned trip to Mexico upon return was canceled after a passenger on a previous ship to Mexico – died of the virus.
Update: October