On March 16, senior officials in China and US diplomacy met by telephone. YangJiechi, head of the China Central Committee for Foreign Affairs, confirmed to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that some US politicians have been continuously slandering China and China's efforts to prevent and control cases. The Covid-19 disease, which distorts the Chinese name, has made many Chinese people vulnerable Seriously. The Chinese side urges the United States that any attempt to slander China's name is unsuccessful, any act that destroys China's interests, must receive a definitive counterattack.

On March 17, responding to questions about the US leader's claim that the Covid-19 virus was a Chinese virus, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that this was a "disgrace" to China. Absolutely. This is the rarest and stern warning of China for the US side, which has defamed China since the outbreak of Covid-19, which has drawn international attention.

China's anger is understandable because over a month ago, Chinese people have made great sacrifices to form the first line of defense and provide valuable time for the prevention and control of infectious diseases worldwide. Internationally recognized. But some people at sea are not paying attention to the prevention and control of infectious cases, and using infectious cases as a tool for provoking racism and racially and politically motivated attacks.

Since the United States first discovered the case of COVID-19 on January 20, US politicians have not only missed out on the greatest opportunity for infection prevention and control, but also expressed their political turmoil. Press release, virus testing, community-based prevention and control, and medical guarantees.

After the issue of US prevention and control of COVID-19 cases was exposed, US politicians sought to dump dirty water on China, perhaps in another attempt to hide the source of truth. Viruses. Recently, there is growing evidence that the United States may be the origin of the COVID-19 virus, especially as Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, acknowledged that some patients Deaths from influenza in the past are actually linked to COVID-19 infection Outside claim that COVID-19 is of US origin.

Currently, the epidemic situation of Covid-19 disease worldwide is complicated. On March 16, Covid-19 infections in other countries and regions exceeded those in China, especially Europe and the US, becoming the worst affected by Covid-19 at this key stage. Some Americans Attempt to Pay $ 1 Billion to a German Drug Company to Guarantee a Vaccine Produced by the company only for the United States, such irresponsible and selfish acts are becoming a destructive force of international cooperation on the prevention and control of Covid-19, and are becoming 'viruses'. Politics ”that the whole world will soon be destroyed.

Urge some American political figures to acknowledge the real situation, not underestimate China's commitment to protecting the nation and its national interests. Where did the viruses come from? Scientific research will provide the answer. American political figures who make unreasonable slander against China will be humiliated by the fact.