The incident comes just 40 minutes after the deadline for the ouster of US President Donald Trump, citing the need to "protect US intellectual property" from China, which the White House has accused China of spying for.

According to sputnik, published on July 25, 2020, US officials took over the Chinese Consulate in Houston, Texas after the staff was fired.

According to the newspaper, a group of officials, including a man accused of working at the US State Department, dug a small consulate door that opened after they could not enter through all three gates. Other. The report added that several other security men wore shirts with the "Foreign Ministry" logo on them.

The State Department on Wednesday confirmed to Sputnik that it had ordered China to close its consulate in Houston for two days over allegations that China was involved in illegal espionage and influence operations in United States.

However, China has denied the allegations and criticized the United States for violating international law. China has also said that the United States has been inciting hatred against Chinese people, causing a number of threats to its embassy in Washington.

Translated by: Nay Tola