On Facebook, the 5th of April 2020 Samdech Hun Sen, Cambodian Prime
The minister released a video in which a US nurse decided to resign

In tears, the hospital did not have the necessary medical equipment to treat Kow-19 patients.

In the video, the American nurse recounts the smooth water today
I quit my job, went to work and was assigned to a 19-patient unit in Kiev
The ICU, which has been turned into a KV patient care unit 19, does not have any nurses
Wear a mask, not even a mask for your doctor. At the entrance to the right hospital
There was no reporting to one another. I have my own 95 masks. I told my superiors that
We lacked the necessary materials to protect myself and to make myself feel secure
Security. I had a family, and I had to go home too, and it seemed that nothing was going well
That. The United States was unprepared and the doctors were unprotected. Today I chose
My own way of life and my family members who were already having problems would be without a helper
Breathing is used if they are infected with Kov 19 from me. I started thinking differently, I started going to the ICU
This morning I expected to see our doctors and our staff wearing N95 masks but none
Anyone wearing a mask, hospitals across the country face a lack of self-defense
Causing health workers to face serious risks. I was very disappointed and
It was scary too, not because I was faced with taking care of a patient with Kov 19
But because I was here, I was unprepared. Once we have the mass that can
Useable is not a mask to take care of a patient and we used a long coat
Whose quality does not meet the standard of care for patients. The CDC says that the towels
Neither scarlet is enough to protect us from infection. We know that's not the case
Yes, that's right, and that's why we hope the CDC should go down there to protect us
You do front line work. And even then they didn't go, so we were really scared
Because we are really emotional. For example, in the event of a fire you can't send
Firefighters go to extinguish the fire with water cannons, why should they?
Doctors. CDC guidelines have stated that it is not clear if towels or scarves are protective
The disease is not contagious. Health care workers can use home-made masks such as towels
Which Kow or Care Krama 19 is the last option ៕ By: Wisdom