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SPACEX on May 30, 2020, becomes Florida's first American private company That sent two astronauts to space, a historic achievement that gives the United States a new way of doing things. Transported in space after a nine-year hiatus.

The space shuttle sent the SPACEX spacecraft to the ISS International Space Station, connecting it to the station. Auto May 31 at 14:29 pm Global time, no problem. The spacecraft, carrying two astronauts, BOB BEHNKEN and DOUG HURLEY, was launched from the KENNEDY Space Center in Florida. US President Donald Trump was also present for the launch.

The fireworks built by SPACEX near Los Angeles launched at 15 and 22 pm. Local time Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Video source: Futura) (Editing by: Bopha)

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llW4xkON76E (/ embed)