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US – China: US Congress on July 2 passed a law that aims to punish those responsible China, which joins Hong Kong security law and punishes banks that finance the passage of Beijing's laws That is.

The bill, which was just passed by the US Congress, was signed by President Donald Trump to take effect. The White House did not comment on whether Mr Trump would sign or veto any objections.

Beijing has threatened to fight back strongly if the law is promulgated. The bill was voted on by both Republicans and Democrats, who want to strengthen control of Beijing More than any measure already announced by the US government since China promulgated the law Security comes in Hong Kong.

The United States Congress unanimously approved the bill, and Congress dominated it
Democrats also unanimously approved July 2.

For the United States, as with many Western nations, the Hong Kong security law is a law aimed at gaining muscle for the opposition After major protests in Hong Kong last year, did not denounce China's influence in Hong Kong. Less than 24 hours after the promulgation of the new law, police arrested the first people to protest Hong Kong.

Taiwanese authorities on July 2 advised Taiwanese not to travel or stop in Hong Kong and Ma. Glue and mainland China are also following the introduction of the security law. Excerpt from the website: yahoo (Edited by: Bopha)