US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Venezuela's interim President Von Gaido have pledged to work harder to oust President Nicolas Sarkozy, the US State Department said in a statement Thursday. Maduro resigns, installing a transitional government.

According to the Sputnik press release on February 7, 2020, "according to the statement," Pompeo and Gideo have agreed to make efforts to provide Venezuelans with much of their demands. Year: the end of Maduro's dictatorship and the restoration of democracy, economic prosperity and dignity for its people Venezuela. ”

Both officials have offered ways in which Democrats and international partners can work together toward a transitional government responsible for free and fair presidential and parliamentary oversight.

In an annual speech on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump welcomed Gideon, who was also invited to the Capitol, as "Venezuela's only legitimate president." He also vowed to crack down and break the "dictatorship" in Latin America.

Von Gando declared himself illegally the Venezuelan interim president in January 2019 after contesting the results of the May 2018 election won by Nicolas Maduro. Update: October