Takeo: HE Sok Khavan, Secretary of State, Ministry of Mines and Energy Urging the Daun Keo authorities to continue with the fight against the disease 19, should not be neglected, although The condition of the disease 19 in our country is extremely poor.

His Excellency made this point during the handover and donation of LDSC's charity to distribute to the needy. Daun Keo, who was struggling during the outbreak of the disease and provided 6,000 disinfectants The Litigation of the Cambodian Students' Union in the People's Republic of China on 14 June 2020 at Daun Keo City Hall, where HE Ho Vichet, President of the Government Team In Daun Keo and Kang Anand, Mayor of Daun Keo.

On that occasion, Kang Anand, Mayor of Daun Keo, expressed his thanks to the donors for their cooperation with the Royal Government in fighting against each other. And Ivory Coast 19, while the Royal Government and all provincial and municipal authorities have been actively pursuing and disseminating peer education guidelines. People in the back of the house to stop the spread of the disease have been living in the community.