Phnom Penh: Recently, Urban Village Modern Phase II condominium project, the third mixed development project of Urban Hub Cambodia, was selected to compete for 6 awards in the Cambodia Real Estate Awards 2020 (PropertyGuru Cambodia Property Awards 2020), which will be held in Phnom Penh in September, according to Catherine Chan, Executive Director of Urban Village.

Cambodia's longest-acclaimed and acclaimed awards ceremony

Ms. Catherine added that after going through the rigorous evaluation of the program committee, which is a highly respected real estate expert in both Cambodia and Asia, the second phase of the Urban Village project is Selected to compete with other projects and developers in Cambodia for the following 6 awards:

1. Award for Best Breakthrough Developer.
2. Award for Best Lifestyle Developer.
3. Best Condo Development Award (Phnom Penh) (Best Condo Development Phnom Penh).
4. Best Office Development Award.
5. Best Co-working Space Award.
6. Office Award for Best Office Architectural Design.

"Just being selected to compete for all these awards at the Cambodia Real Estate Awards 2020 makes me and the entire team at Urban Village very proud. This proves that many of the most influential professionals in the real estate industry recognize our efforts, ”said Catherine.

5th Asia PropertyGuru Award Ceremony in Cambodia : Asia PropertyGuru Property Awards 2020 is the 5th Asia Property Guru Property Awards 2020 for developers and companies involved in the real estate sector in Cambodia. . This program is considered to be the most prestigious and transparent award program because it is organized and led by highly respected and trusted professionals in the real estate industry.

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PropertyGuru Group is a leading real estate technology company, and the company is well known for its expertise in organizing real estate awards events throughout Asia.

The Cambodia Real Estate Awards is part of the Asian Real Estate Awards, which was established in 2005.

At a press conference held earlier this year, Jules Kay, Managing Director of the awards program, said: "Cambodia is one of the most promising markets for the real estate sector among all countries in the region. Southeast Asia. "Cambodia's participation in the PropertyGuru Property Awards could help local developers gain more recognition."

Historical success for the Cambodian real estate sector: The Urban Village condominium project stunned the entire Cambodian real estate sector at the 2019 Cambodia Real Estate Awards by winning up to five awards at a time, making the Urban project Village has become one of the most recognized projects. The five awards include:

1. The Best Condo Development Award in Cambodia (The Best Condo Development “Cambodia”).
2. The Best Condo Development Award in Phnom Penh (The Best Condo Development “Phnom Penh”).
3. The Best Condo Landscape Architectural Design Award.
4. The Best Condo Architectural Design Award.
5. The Best Condo Interior Design Award.

Ms. Catherine added that in the same year in November, Urban Village project once again stunned the Cambodian real estate sector at the regional level by winning the most prestigious real estate award, the “Good Condo Project”. Asia's Best "at the 2019 Asian Real Estate Awards Finals in Thailand. The Urban Village project is the first and only project in Cambodia to win this great award.

"Urban Village Condo Project is one of the projects I am most proud of. It is not only a success for us at Urban Hub Cambodia, but it is also a success for Cambodia because it has helped build the reputation of the Cambodian real estate sector on the regional stage, ”added Catherine.

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"We design all of our projects with love, care and effort to provide Cambodians with a modern living experience, a fun place to live and a home that they love," said Catherine. They are proud to be masters. "I hope we will win a lot more titles this year and bring Cambodia to the regional tournament again in the final."

If it wins in all the categories selected, Urban Village will be the only project to win a total of more than 10 awards.

About Urban Village Project Phase 2: The second phase of the Urban Village project is a mixed-use development project focused on community living, invested by the largest Hong Kong company in Cambodia. The second phase of the Urban Village project was developed by combining the skills and experience of Hong Kong standard condominium construction with the Cambodian culture of living. The project covers a total area of ​​12,000 square meters, with four buildings, E, F, G and H, including modern condominiums, affordable commercial space, shopping malls and offices.

The second phase of the Urban Village project is in a prime location between Samdech Hun Sen Blvd. and National Road 2, one of the fastest growing areas in Phnom Penh, and most people know this area as the 60-meter road. . The second phase of the Urban Village project is only 10 minutes from the center of Phnom Penh and 15 minutes from the new Phnom Penh International Airport.

Urban Village is a project that cares about the environment and green nature. In fact, 45% of the total development area is saved as a garden, green yard and recreation area for the convenience of the occupants of the communication building. Communicate or relax in your spare time.

What is more special is that the second phase of Urban Village project is located near the largest innovation center in Phnom Penh called Factory Phnom Penh. Factory Phnom Penh has the largest co-working space, spacious art gallery, international school, event venue, party venue, gym, sports venue, playground, boarding area, cafes, restaurants, shops, photo studios, libraries and venues. The first German-brewed beer in Cambodia.

Units in the second phase of Urban Village project sold out quickly, apparently the units in two buildings were sold out in a short time.

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Recently, the company has just announced the opening of the H or Sky Prime Tower, the tallest building on Samdech Hun Sen Boulevard, with many special offers and discounts. If you are interested in any unit in Building H, please contact 017 999 531/017 999 541 or email . You can also visit the model house at the direct sales office in Factory Phnom Penh. Collaborative Articles