• The United States infected more than 610,000 people. The number of new infections has decreased, but today the death toll has risen to more than 2,300. More than 26,000 people died. Healing: More than 38,700 people.
  • President Donald Trump announced a moratorium on all aid to the World Health Organization (WHO), which criticized his move to shut down travelers from China and launched an investigation into how the organization tackles the Kiev 19 problem. The United States contributes $ 400 to $ 500 million to the WHO each year.
  • US major airlines have agreed to a $ 25 billion bailout agreement with the government.
  • Italy and Spain have begun to ease some restrictions by allowing some shops to open, including children's clothing and bookstores.
  • The number of people infected in Russia surpassed 21,000, with the highest number reaching more than 2,774 a day, more than yesterday. Total dead: 170
  • The US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, said the intelligence team confirmed that the coronavirus was likely to occur naturally, unlikely to be the case in a Chinese lab. But he also dared not speculate on which one was true.
  • Turkey will release 90,000 prisoners, excluding journalists and activists. At the same time, it has reduced the sentence of 45,000 prisoners.
  • ASEAN leaders discuss how to respond to Kuwait 19 by stockpiling medical equipment and raising regional funds.
  • ASEAN: Philippines crosses: 5,223 dead, 335 die Malaysia: 4,987 dead: 82 dead Indonesia: 4,839 dead: 459 people SINGAPORE: 3,252 deaths: 10. Thailand: 2,613 dead: 41 killed. Vietnam: 266 people.
  • The three vaccine makers who have tested the human population and offer hope are

Chinese company CanSino Biologics has entered the second phase.
The vaccine, made by the American National Institutes of Health, is also in phase two, with test volunteers on Tuesday.
The third candidate, American pharmaceutical company Inovio Pharmaceuticals, started the first phase last week and will increase testing in China.