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Businesses must be unique if they want to be ahead of competitors. But there are some strange businesses that come up with strange ideas that you can't imagine. Most businesses are made up of ordinary people with simple problems but no solutions. So they come up with their own solutions and turn it into a business.

1-Spud Pickles
Spud Pickles is a mobile application developer in the United States that creates and helps monitor mobile applications for other individuals or businesses. But the company's most well-known software is Ghost Radar, which lets users know where ghosts or spirits lie.

Apparently, there is no science or research that can confirm whether or not the program actually recognizes spirits or ghosts No, but most users say they actually see something strange.

The company was formed because their founder had found one person dead in his home before he bought it . He then learned that most real estate agents hide this information from home buyers.

As a result, he has also created a website that tells people if there has ever been a death in any home Only $ 11.99.

3- Animal Bathroom:
There is no one who can always stay at home taking care of pets, causing them to urinate all over the house. So a company called The Pet Loo helped solve the problem by selling a weed-like fabric. When a pet urinates on it, it also doesn't stink, because it is made using a reduced-fat component Stink