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Many of my friends know Vong Malin, the winner of the # 1 global music competition. 2019 from Canada. This position brings the Marinins to a level of popularity in many countries and their own.

Not many titles yet, it seems that this star Ros Serey Sothea just got another award. Be interesting. She won the award for best song in many languages ​​and pushed her to fame overseas.

Miss Molin Lynn has been buzzing again with another Canadian title. Can beat many other candidates. Yi Hyun has only grown up after being recognized in the country in the past, even The top leaders of the Khmer country are also fond of charity.

Responding to our reporter via email, Vong Marlin said the award was made Every year, this year, more than 400 distinguished guests attend the small event. She was voted in because she sang well in 3 to 4 languages. Also in Lao language, the award was a gold medal for almost 20 people Both the choir and the great helpers of the association are divided into sections.

Missing the previous exam, she said that her knowledge of the song reminded her of Master Chhay Sam. Veteran musicians and composers point out how to use sound. The trick was her way of winning her title while leading her to the national exams until her new title But take advantage of her.

Tune in, and she did a good job of forgetting him. Not only me, Chhay Sameth has also trained many of our artists, now living in Cana. Da. After making his mark, the Malinins are busy singing in countries like Cana. The US is planning to release its first Japanese single in Japan and Laos.

It is a great honor that Marilyn did not even imagine the brilliance of the art, as she walked the path. Swim under many years of struggle before living in Canada. Malinha plans to visit Cambodia this year with fan support and also appear on television. Also. (Edited by: Bopha)