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Takeo, a group of 13 men and women hiding in a house for drugs Krom police cracked hive with physical evidence and sent to Provincial Anti-Trafficking Office Continue.

The crackdown on a homemade drugstore happened on May 6 at 9:30 am Morning in Prohmout Village, outside Daun Keo, Takeo province. Colonel Ek Nget Chanthy, deputy commander of the Takeo Provincial Gendarmerie, said that the crackdown on hijackers used drugs. There was also a facilitation of the proceedings by the prosecutor, Chiv Chan Dara, with the Takeo Provincial Court.

He led forces to crack down on drug trafficking and drug use, including 13 women at a "66" guesthouse in the village – The upper commune also confiscated some of the exhibits including four motorbikes, two swords and four packs of drugs. The deputy chief of the provincial Gendarmerie said that the guesthouse had already been searched for, with no regular visitors. Most of them are hippies and distributors of drugs and stay for the night.

Just today, we had a crackdown, but as a result, all the hippies admitted They were actually staying in the guesthouse to actually use the crib. Colonel Chhun Sompat, director of the provincial anti-drug trafficking bureau, said at the time that we were building a case. To send suspects, men, women and exhibits to provincial court.