The ammunition market will be closed on April 30, 2020By the owner of the market, tycoon Kong Kong Tov needs to construct the market, develop and build new buildings for investors. . Most of the traders were unhappy because of the closing of the stall with no questions or location for their business. Some businesses are protesting to find a suitable solution for them.

Sin Vannny, a lawyer for Oknha Si Kong Trov, told local media on February 14 that the closure was for development. And the construction of a new building by the mall owner in collaboration with the Mandalay Center and other investors.
Traders in this market have been out of contract for the last two years. From February to April 2020, market owners do not charge a monthly fee, nor do they charge for electricity. .

Oknha's lawyer, Kong Kong Try, told the traders at the Warehouse Market to find a new location. The market will begin construction on May 1, 2020. The traders at the Warehouse Market are about 500 people and have 80 stalls, with some owners managing more than one stall. One.

Notification to all traders on the successful closing of the market on April 30 by the two lawyers. Oknha Kong Tov confirmed that the ammunition market would be closed for the purpose of enhancing the beauty of the Kingdom as well as contributing to the Royal Government of Phnom Penh. Full become a beautiful city This is the heart of Cambodia.

The notice states, "Please inform all business owners who have rented the kiosks in the ammunition exchange market about the The integrity of the lease agreement by the brothers is to find a new location for the business, and the market is closed on the day. April 30, 2020 ”. The reason why the market is to be developed is to be a beautiful and beautiful center of the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Phnom Penh. The beautiful town is the heart of the country and is the new mall.

The Warehouse Market Committee has advised all traders to be informed and to find new places to operate their current retail business. Body. The owner of the Market Place is not liable for any loss for your benefit that does not comply with this notice. ៕ By: Intellectual