Kampot Cement factory worker dies after accidentally blowing up a rock at 4 pm 40 pm on May 29, 2020 at a mountain spot in the village of Bangsang, Khum Bang, Kampot Province.

The two workers who worked in the Cang Mount Cang (Thai Bun Rong factory) were killed in a rubble, while two victims went up in the mountain to make concrete for the production of cement, police said. In the factory.

According to the same authority, the two dead victims were: 1- Kun Rat, known as male, 29 years old, Cambodian Both live in Damnak Trach village, Kandol commune, Tek Chuk district, Kampot province. The two victims were working at Thai Bun Rong cement company, located in the village of Bangang, Dangang commune, Dang Tung district, Kampot province.

Both victims' bodies have now been found and handed over to the family for a traditional funeral.
In addition, the Thai Boon Roong Company offered $ 35,000 in compensation for each funeral and 4,000,000 riel for the funeral.