A young woman is unconscious in a forest after a gang rapeFrom two young men. After the rape, one suspect escaped while another suspect was preparing to escape, but was arrested in the afternoon, crossing into Wednesday. February 26, 2020 at the mouth of a pond near the fish pond in Chroy Changva, Chroy Changva, Phnom Penh.

According to local police, the suspect, identified as Sok Puth, 27, had been working at a real estate in Prey Veng district, Prey Veng province and one person. On the other hand, they lost their sense of business, quiet sales, and sugar cane ran for carts and motorbikes. The victim, named US, was about 18 years old.

The security guard, who witnessed the incident, said that before the incident, he saw two men and a woman sitting together. Shortly afterwards, he saw one of the men raping the victim and the other looking at the street. After the first suspect was committed, the second suspect dragged the victim to another place, and the first suspect. Take a look at the streets once. He then went into the trance when the second suspect, who was raping the victim, fled to the forest, and the first suspect. The roadrunner also ran, but he was caught and handed over to him.