Central: After a number of news outlets reported that there were 19 people living with HIV Two workers from Thailand, the Kandal provincial police chief, confirmed that there were 19 people infected with the disease. The Khmer-Krom brothers are real, but they are not among the migrant workers from Thailand.

“We would like to confirm that Kandal is indeed a province,” said Brigadier General Chhoeun Socheata, Commissioner of the Kandal Provincial Police on March 27, 2020. There are actually two people living with HIV / AIDS, but they are not among the migrant workers from Thailand That's not it. Case 1: Name. 60 year old male from Malaysia 01/03/2020 tested first 16/03 positive test 2 17/03 positive test 3 21/03 negative test 4 22/03 positive 5th test 24/03 negative and 6th test 26/03 positive. Case 2: Slovey, 59, he has not been to Malaysia, but he goes on religious holidays everywhere and he has In connection with the first case, he and 11 others were the first test 23/03 positive (Russian doctor goes to self-test after positive Russian medical results He was taken to Victory Referral Hospital in Takeo province Central monitoring and treatment) 2 26/03 test positive.

Regarding the above case, Ministry of Health spokeswoman Om Vandin announced the denial of social misconduct: “In Kandal province there are positive cases. Two cases of Covid-19 virus were workers from Thailand. She also called on the authorities to take legal action against those polluters.

It should be highlighted that on March 25, 2020, the Kandal Provincial Police Commissariat led a team of associates to work with local authorities at all levels. Just 19 people from Thailand, equal to three families. According to the information from the Trek Slab Health Center, four were found.
At the same time, Brigadier General requested the directives of HE Governor to explain to the 19 citizens. The Impact and Prevention of Coverage 19 and to Invite Them to a 14-Day Stay at Hun Sen Takhmao High School with Monitoring Department of Health .: Sarkozy