Two motorbikes collide with two people, killing two The accident happened at 10:56 pm on Saturday, July 4, 2020 National Road 4 in Trapeang Toul Village, Kambol Commune, Kambol District, Phnom Penh.

According to sources from the scene, an XR motorbike wearing a Phnom Penh 1BR 86 28 motorcycle was traveling alone. The crash began to sink quickly, when another motorbike was spotted, a motorbike 125 with a badge mounted on the honeycomb. 1A 3062 Two people traveling in the opposite direction of the westbound train at the opposite speed, when the above collision collided. Two full-time XR motorbikes left two dead and one seriously injured in an emergency.

The deceased man, named Vibol, lives in Potato Village in Kambol commune, Kambol district, with his wife and one child. The remains of the deceased and the injured people who were riding the motorcycle 125 are still unknown.

After the incident, the local authorities came down and contacted the traffic specialist to come down to measure and make a note to deliver the body to the victim. Traditional Family Holiday ៕By: Sameth