The Ministry of Health on June 14, 2020 The 19 positive Kovi cases were reported on two Cambodian nationals who have just returned from Indonesia.

The CDC Department of the Ministry of Health announces today that we have identified two new cases of HIV-19 (both Khmer and Khmer). 2 people back from Indonesia) Until 8:00 am on 14 June 2020 we found two new cases of Kov-19. (In the case of importation), therefore, the total number of Kovis-19, total number of hospitalizations 3, and total recovery of 125 Intact and dead no. Ivory-19 continues to be a constant threat to us, be on the alert, practice hygiene, and stay out of the house. If not, because our neighbors and the world are continuing the outbreak of the deadly disease 19
We must continue to practice social disparities, such as delaying weddings, parties, playing balloons. Etc.

We need to keep up the individual gaps, such as sitting, spacing, standing, waiting, spacing, standing, talking, spacing. Etc.
We must continue to wear masks when necessary and often wash our hands with soap, alcohol or gel.
Please note that our country has found the first case of HIV / AIDS on January 27, 2020.
We did 27274 tests, equaling to 1643 per million people.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Health, two new positive cases of the coronavirus 19 were Cambodian men, 29, and men. A 22-year-old Cambodian national who lives in Kampong Cham province, and both are from Indonesia by direct flight. To Cambodia on June 12, 2020.

The flights with these two Cambodians totaled 46 passengers (24 women) and of whom were Khmer. 42 women (22 girls) and four Indonesians (two of whom are a 4-year-old girl). Forty-four passengers who had a positive test of the HIV-19 virus were subjected to 14-day testing at the center. Tarlay Sisophon Center Chanthabla Resort is located in the provinces where the person lives (for those who cannot afford the hotel and A hotel in Phnom Penh (for those who choose to pay for a hotel for follow-up health care).

So far, Cambodia has identified 128 positive cases of the disease, of which 125 have been fully cured while Three others are hospitalized.
By: Kolab