Mondul Kiri: Monks at Wat Ee clashes Beginning with a verbal dispute, the victim accused him of being a drug addict, causing the death of a Buddhist monk. Arrested.

The word dispute caused a stir at 9:30 am on March 24, 2020 at the point of Pagoda in the village. Chong Peng Commune, Pu Chrey Commune, Pechrada District, Mondulkiri Province. One of the monks died suddenly because the monks in the pagoda stabbed him with several knives. The alleged perpetrator, 39-year-old Thoeun, is from his hometown of Trabek village, Teuk deep commune, Tbour district, Kampong Cham province, and is currently residing at Wat Ee Pagoda. Is located in Chong Peng village, Pu Chrey commune, Pechrada district, Mondulkiri province. The victim's monk, Thlong Vuth, a 24-year-old native of Teuk Thmey village, Teuk Chrov commune, Tbour district, Kampong Cham province, is currently at the pagoda. Dea is in Chong Pang village, Pou Chrey commune, Pechrada district.

The injured monks were taken to the provincial hospital for emergency treatment but suffered serious injuries due to stab wounds. On the body, halfway on the road was killed.

Authorities said the case was caused by a verbal dispute, with the victim accused of being a drug addict. Suitable