Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Economy and Finance have initiated financial support for authors, scholars and researchers to write and improve books at Higher education through the "Research, Innovation and Innovation" Foundation.

Ros Sovacha, spokesman for the Ministry of Education, said the funding was a new step in response to the desire of Cambodian students to Adequate, quality and equitable learning resources in Khmer language.

"The funding is to contribute to the promotion of a culture of research, inspiration and innovation for the benefit of the community," he said. "Education that responds to labor markets and globalization." He said that the purpose of writing and improving textbooks at the tertiary level is to increase the quantity, improve the quality and expand the equity of educational resources. Khmer language for students who are studying and ready to do research at the tertiary level.

According to Mr. Sovacha, the preparation and improvement of textbooks at the tertiary level aims to respond immediately to the lack of educational resources that are required for study. Of students at the tertiary level. He added that the initiative also aims to promote the modernization and excellence of learning and teaching and research on curriculum subjects or subjects. Specific skills. Increase the depth of professional development and experience for professors and researchers. Through this foundation also contributes to building a professional community, sharing experiences and culture of writing and improving textbooks in Higher education level as well.

According to Mr. Sovacha, there are four types of textbooks at the tertiary level that the Foundation will support for writing or revising: 1 General reading textbook 2 Research textbook for higher education curriculum 3 Research textbook for co-educational curriculum of cooperation Of higher education institutions; and fourth, the study of educational resources for the establishment of virtual universities.

Mr. Pech Bolen, Chairman of the Board of the Education Services Federation of Cambodia, said that this initiative is a good idea that opens up opportunities for students to study and research. And composition at the tertiary level. "The ministry's initiative has also helped promote innovation, entrepreneurship and student participation," he said. In doing so, the Ministry of Education also provides additional external sources of ideas for the Cambodian education sector.