Stung Treng: Two dead after being attacked by a bear in a mountainous area The villagers are called Phnom Kornum, about three kilometers from Kirivong Leu village, Santepheap commune, Siem Pang district, Stung Treng province.

Khun Davy, deputy police chief in Siem Reap, told the Post yesterday that the two victims, identified as “Ray, an old man” The 29-year-old and her name Ennis, 29, are both Caucasian. They were seriously injured by a bee biting during a hike on the mountain on Tuesday. April 7.

“They survived, and doctors at Stung Treng Referral Hospital rescued and treated them,” Davy said. They were sent to the hospital on time.

Both of them suffered serious injuries to the face and one lost one eye as a female bear ran away, he said. The two victims were chased down by the villagers as they went into the jungle to pick plums on a mountainside called villagers Located about 3 km from the village.

Davy said: “When the police arrived at the scene, the victim was already transferred to Stung Treng provincial hospital. We went to the scene and asked the villagers if there were any bears. Authorities later went to the victim to inquire about the incident and we found that her condition was not serious It's life. ”

Peace police chief Sin Sovannary said yesterday that by April 9, they had been getting better and talking. Overall, he survived.

"I have reported to the upper echelon, so I don't say anything more," he said.

Mr. Ray and Mr. Eunice, both Caucasians and victims in this case, were not available yesterday. The source could not be reached for comment.

But Khun Davy, deputy police chief in Siem Reap, quoted the victim as Eun Nai, one of the two victims. It is reported that the two of them went up to the hill of Kornum near the village to pick up some fruit Used for sale at the market as usual but when it comes to the White Mountain For they found a female bear 1 bandaerkaun head 2 head.

"They did not immediately say or do anything with the bear," Davy said. Referring to a nearby avocado, when his victim, Ray, was bowing, he immediately ran for her. Come to them both.

During that time, they tried to run away from the bear, but did not escape, and then faced off with the bear. Meanwhile, Ray was bitten by one of the bears and was bitten on the face almost unnoticed. Also suffered facial injuries, but not too serious. Anin then called the villagers there to help take them to the hospital.