Battambang: Two men died in a fire after two motorcycles collided on National Road 57. In Damnak Luong village, Sangkat Watkor, Battambang city, Battambang province. This is according to the claim of the competent police.

Pov Vandy, deputy commissioner in charge of road traffic order in Battambang province, told the Post on the morning of June 28 that this horrific and horrific incident Happened on the night of June 26, 2021. The victims were identified as Lan Ho, 72, of Damnak Luong village, Wat Kor commune, Battambang city, Battambang province, and another named San Soeuth. 45 years old, living in Cheng Meanchey village, Cheng Meanchey commune, Banan district, Battambang province.

Mr. Vandy confirmed: "According to the explanation of witnesses near the scene and who saw the incident of the traffic accident caused the fire. Starting from the victim named Lan Ho. He was seen driving a motorbike carrying gasoline and turning in the opposite direction or a traffic sign to collide with another motorbike, causing the victim to fall. Pressed on each other and exploded gas canisters on a fire pit near the sidewalk, causing the two victims to burn. He died at once. ”

According to Mr. Vandy, after the incident, the bodies of the perpetrators and the victims of the traffic accident were handed over to the relatives for the traditional ceremony and Decided to close the case without further investigation, claiming that the perpetrator and the victim had all died in the incident. . Experts consider traffic accidents to cause fires that cause death as a rare case.