In Phnom Penh, two of the criminals who were working on the drug, Mototor, were arrestedPost Office authorities cooperate with the police, but the police arrested him after receiving a complaint against the victim. The incident sparked at 10 and 40 minutes on February 14, 2020 at Phu Restaurant No river in Koh Nhea village, Niroth district, Chbar Ampov district.

The suspect, identified as Pichleap, 28, was working in a village in Tnor Chum 4 village, in Bong Pum 2 commune, Meanchey district, and another woman Suspect was not yet identified. The victim was identified as 29-year-old Vann Sodinin, a salesman, living in Toul Prab village, Chao commune First Chief, Por Senchey District.

According to the victim, she and her two friends have only known each other for 4 to 5 days. The evening of February 11, 2020. She and two other suspects met at a restaurant in the corner of Street 71 in Phu. Mali, Sangkat Dangkao, Khan Dangkor. When they met at the pub, the suspect called for beer and drinks, and the woman suddenly got a glass and two suspects. She mixed her seeds with the seeds, making her appearance different from the usual, then the male and female. Two were taken to a club which is located at Tam Wueng Seng Street in Chao Chum II. In Pursat province, her time at the club was gone. When he came to his room, he lost his wallet, his mobile phone and his motorcycle, the Mac series. 2020 wearing a telescope 1V-3586.

Upon learning that her motorcycle was missing, she filed a complaint at the Dangkao police station for the police to search for suspects. Both came to jail.

The victim added that on the evening of February 13, 2020, the two suspects scampered over the phone to one of her cousins ​​for a date. Hundreds of villagers suspected of riding a motorcycle with Hond Dri built motorbike 20 The purpose is to go to anesthesia to get a moto and a bag of money Level the rest of the dream.

The victim's cousin then took the victim to the house and found the two suspects and made a request. We will shut down the doors and report on the capacity of the Post Office for the detention of suspects. Sorry.

After questioning the authorities, it was learned that this case occurred in Dangkao district, and then the police sent the suspect to the police. Cause therapy to continue. By: Columbus