Phnom Penh ពីរ Two men and women ride a motorbike together at a fixed speedWith the car too, the steering wheel crashed into the window
The bridge over the dusty market ground caused the head to die immediately and the woman
He was taken from the back, seriously injured, to a hospital.

The incident happened at 9.10 pm on Saturday, July 4, 2020, along Russian Federation Road in the O'Koeuk commune of Sen Sen district. Sok Phnom Penh.

According to information from the scene, two men and women were riding a blue scoopy motorcycle wearing a motorcycle. No. 1AI 8421 in the westbound direction, quickly overtook the vehicle and slammed into the window.
Full bridge left man dead and injured woman taken to hospital. The dead man is 30-year-old Try Augusti, who was born in Banan district, Battambang province, as a construction worker. The woman, who was seriously injured, has not been identified.

After the incident, local authorities arrived and related to road traffic skills to come and measure and record the body to the family. Celebrate in the hometown of Battambang. By: Sameth