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Why is waterproofing and rapid drying of the diaper so important for babies? How safe is the material?

Two important tips for choosing a bathrobe are "Quantum Dry" and "Raw Material."

Tip # 1: "Quantum Dry":
A good diaper must be waterproof and dry quickly. If it does not water well and quickly dry, the baby's skin will get wet, which is the cause of bacterial buildup. It will cause rashes and allergies that are not easy to treat. The best thing is to keep the baby's skin dry with a Quantum Dry. Plus, wet diapers are really annoying during the baby's sleep. The baby should sleep for more than 12 hours for optimal development. Disturbance from sleep discomfort can also affect brain development and development.

The second key is raw materials:
Poor quality diaper products use chemical materials that can cause certain skin conditions such as rashes, allergies and rashes. The main material of the urinary tract is adhesion, adhesion, and hydration. What's worse is that poor chemicals and water-absorbing materials can also lead to poor organ, respiratory and brain function. The material should only have proper safety certifications from modern countries and reliable companies.

According to KOKOFiT Quality Control Planner Lucas KO, “we should consider the baby's mood and condition. For example, if an adult wears wet clothes and clothes made from chemical material all day, can they sleep well or do a good job? They obviously need to change immediately because of the wetness and the discomfort. Also, babies will be stressed if they wear uncomfortable trousers. This is the reason why we use Quantum Dry technology and high quality, high quality, high quality certified and manufactured in Korea 100%. Collaborative Articles