Takeo: Worst Case for the Victims of Two Victims, Injured WifeSeriously, Kampong Chhnang was hospitalized in a Russian hospital in Phnom Penh, but suddenly, another incident happened: the house was burnt down. Nothing more. The incident took place on the night of March 5, 2020, at 21:30 in the village of Angkeo, Angkeo district, Tak province.

Traing Vanna, deputy police chief of Traing district, said that the homes of the two people who had been completely engulfed by fire were two houses, the first one being named. 5-year-old Meas Samon, 5 x 6, completely damaged, had 1 VW motorcycle, 1 rice, 3 gold, 3 wheeler, and all the clothes the victim was recovering at Russian Hospital Phnom Penh 2nd house named Eva, 60, census size 4 × 5 fire completely damages screen TV 2 1 1.5000 baht rice and clothes burned completely.

The deputy chief of the district police said that as the summer approached, the fire was extinguished. The fire truck could not save both houses from the fire, and when the fire truck arrived, the fire was already gone. According to residents living near the house, it is said that this is a foreclosure for Uncle Samorn and Ivy Girls. They were staying at a Russian hospital in the mountains when he was robbed at home and they had three children. The two had left with one of them, and now they were in the hospital, the same witnesses said He added that his family was a Khmer teacher and had been accused by the villagers of being abusive to their families.
It should be reminded that on the night of March 3, 2020, at about 23:15 minutes, two suspects broke into a motorbike with a knife and broke into a car. Patience on the name of Meas Samon, 56-year-old wife V Srey, 57, caused serious injuries and was taken by ambulance to provincial hospital for rescue. Half Russian hospital in Phnom Penh. The next morning, 3, 4, 2020. Suspect Name Mom at the 32-year-old male was arrested helped Mam brother escaped quietly. Takeo