Phnom Penh: Among the workers in Phnom Penh About 300 people came for their health check-up and asked for more information – two of them suspected to have contracted the virus. 19 This is the statement of HE Heng Sour, Spokesperson of Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, told a group of journalists on April 20 in the area. Phnom Penh Special Economy.

“The two suspects were taken by ambulance to get the samples to the hospital. For the other 300, they decided to stay separately in their rented room.

HE Heng Sour said that in Phnom Penh, the Ministry of Labor has set up 10 temporary health centers in three Veng Sreng area. Places, 2 Vattanac Industrial Zone, 1 Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, 1 Chompavon High School, 1 Dangkor Secondary School, High School 1 bamboo and science center University .Kork 1 place. "
HE clarified that there are Chomovorn High School, Russey Keo High School and Kokan Chan High School as separate places if the workers decide to stay separately. The school.

As for the quarantine in schools, all workers decide to stay separate in their rented rooms or in their own homes And they promise to follow the advice of their medical team