Koh Kong: The provincial police chief said on February 19, 2020 20:30 hrs on National Road 48 between Km 35-36 in Taman Village, Kandol Commune, Botum District There have been 1 traffic accidents caused by one truck, truck type The driver was driving in two directions to the end of the road, hitting one motorbike. In contrast, a red motorcycle with a motorcycle license plate number 1D 2919 resulted in the death of two men, while the driver of the car was stopped. Today we are doing research.

The first victim was named Miv Moeun, a 50-year-old Cambodian national who lives in Chhouk Chhouk village, Chik Leu commune, Sre Ambel district. . The second victim, Phat Sopheary, a 53-year-old Cambodian national, was living in Chhouk Chuuk commune, Chik Leu commune, Sre Ambel district.

At present, the two victims on our forces have informed their families to take the traditional holiday. ៕ By: Columbus