PHNOM PENH: Police Justice Department of Meanchey Police Inspectorate Police arrested two suspects over alleged conspiracy to break a key to the door of a stolen home 9:30 am
On March 17, 2020, at the 27th Street, 83rd Street in Chambok 1 Village, Sangkat Boeng Tum I, Khan Meanchey.

Meanchey district police chief said that the suspect, identified as Mia Thavara, 34, was staying at a no-concrete house on Kbal village. Dam 2, Sangkat Boeng Tum II, Khan Mean Chey Occupation (husband, drug possession) as husband. Second, Nuon Raksmey, called Srey Pich, 23, is staying at Road No Road, Prek Ta Kong Village, Chak Angre Leu District, Meanchey District, Occupation Contains substance).

The victim, Por Udom Chakrya, a 30-year-old female resident, was at the scene of the accident.

Kim Kalyan, Deputy Inspector General of Justice, said that on March 17, 2020 at 1:50 pm, the two suspects Activated burglar and keyed the victim's house to steal two motorbikes. In the morning, the victim filed a complaint at Boeng Kak Police Station. After receiving the complaint, the police reported that they had acquired the plan, visited the security camera and found the suspect as the suspect. Two suspects were arrested for questioning.

Eligible items included a motorbike, a Zoommerx, a sky blue badge wearing the Phnom Penh 1FM 8728 badge ) And one motorcycle, Gold-colored mechanical (off pigment), Phnom Penh 1GO 6776, 2 old phones, handbags 1. Khmer riel 20,000 (belonging to the suspect Mia Thavara).

One loss of motorbike, black Hong Se 110, bearing license plate number 1BE 0752.

Two suspects have not yet admitted to stealing the motorcycle, but the motorbike was sent from two unnamed men. . However, police arrested for conspiracy to evict motor home stolen by Boeng Tumpon Police Station 1 Rule ៕ By: Intellectual