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PHNOM PENH – Two Cambodian players have the opportunity to advance to the knockout stages of the “Cambodia Arena”. Kun Khmer »in the 60kg category at the CNC Arena on January 25 after defeating Each opponent.

For the game, Tatmadara from the Ministry of National Defense Boxing Clubs used only three rounds. Thai player Khun Phun Noy loses his battle against Silk, accusing him of insulting him When falling on the board.

However, jury president Meas Sok Kryty accused the Thai players of being guilty of wanting to make a silicone ball when they fell He was kicked again after the referee counted to 8 and nodded his head as though they could play again. Why do they pretend to fall again? However, after announcing the results for Thaksin to win the match, Thailand has no further opposition.

The Thai Boxing Association of Thailand's boxing team defeated Thailand's Braphairy Phyanorn Yin by the next round of preparations. Before qualifying for the first place.

The first-place finisher of the second round will have the chance to reach the final with the Thailand number one In the first round to claim the big prize of US $ 6,000.

A friendly opponent, Moeun Sokhouk of Puthi Veng Pheakrin, beat Thai Neong Trankan by Score and opener Sek Kim An from Siem Reap's Angkor Chey Ville beat Chet Sothy from Rasmei Komb village, Banteay Meanchey province by score. (Edited by: Bopha)