Tbong Khmum province's Information Department says that Kochi high school students in Kroch Chhmar Twenty-two people from Tbong Khmum province yesterday from 1pm until this morning have been unconscious, unaware of the cause. He was sent to the hospital with direct intervention by Touch Touch, the governor of Krouch Chhmar, without you No one is in danger of life.

According to the report of Soy Touch, the governor of Krouch Chhmar district, the date of January 17, 2020 from 1 pm until By 4:30 pm 12 students at Krouch Kul High School are attending a graduation ceremony in the following names. Below are: 1 female, grade 10A female, 2. Grade 2 female 10C, 3. In Sri Lanka, Grade 10, B, 4. Female, Female, Grade 1, 0C, 5. Female, Female, Grade 10D, 6. Lens Hair Women in Class 10D, 7. Patti, Grade 7C, 8. Sanda, Female Grade 8C, 9. Shanxim Female, Grade 7C, 10. Chun Yong E, Grade 7A, 11. Female Female Class 8A, 12. Female Female Class 8C.

All of the above 12 students were taken to a local hospital for life-threatening injuries.

According to the doctor's conclusions as to why two students were deficient in sugar, he also had a poor hearing on the way to school. .

But by the morning of January 18, 2020, 14 other students had continued to faint among the many students while Stand up for the following national races: 1. Pal Socheata, Female Grade 12B (Formerly Lost), 2. Sorn Srey Nath, Female Grade 10C, 3. Sok Ratan, Grade 1 2C, 4. Chan Srey Land, Female Grade 7A, 5. BB Female Class 12A, 6. Chivy Raksmey Female Grade 9A, 7. Chhim Sok Eng Female Grade 12A, 8. Thoeun Srey Pean Female Grade 10B, 9. Chhorn Mani Female Grade 10A, 10 .Rath Ariza Female Grade 7 C, 11. Pen Thorn Female Female Grade 7B, 12. Meng Sopheap Female Female Grade 11B, 13. Krisida, Female Grade 12B, 14. Livi Devi 1st 2C.

Currently being sent to a rescue at Kroch Chhmar District Hospital by Governor Sr. for a personal visit along with the care of the team. Doctors and nurses are continuing the work of the student body. By: Wisdom