Under the initiative of Phnom Penh Municipal Governor Khuong SrengTurning the Steung Meanchey Canal from Sewage into a Clean Concrete Canal The project will address flooding in Meanchey, Sen Sok and Por Senchey districts.

The bamboo construction site has been in operation since the beginning of 2019 and until the end of January, the bunker site at the canal The Phnom Penh Municipal Administration has completed more than 1,000 meters of work, which is about 68 percent completed by July.

Sam Piseth, Director of the Department of Public Works and Transport, said on January 22 that the construction of the canal So far, the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration has accomplished a number of tasks, including: First, a sheet pile injection and installation of a length of 763m . Secondly, the drainage pipe was 3 meters wide and 257 meters long with 257 meters in total. 68%. The third phase is expected to be completed by July 2020, if the impact is timely resolved.
It should be highlighted that the Steung Meanchey area has been constructing the Stung Meanchey canal with 8m wide concrete berm and the project has been divided. In 4 stages. The first phase is 326 meters on each side of the canal with a total length of 652 meters and in the first step the Capital Administration has decided to hand over the land. It is already home to 152 families living on the canal.

The Stung Meanchey Canal, which the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration has been working on, develops through two districts: Meanchey and Sen Sok. A total of 500 families have been affected by the canal, and all of them will receive 4m and 6m of parallel land The rules are all there.

The Stung Meanchey Canal played an important role in bringing the water down to the lake. Project of Stung Mean Chey Canal Project with 8 meters 2 meters, 6 meters wide concrete road and 5 meters of front house Half a meter and half a meter ៕ By: Kolab