Phnom Penh: Toul Kork district authority has tightened the arrangementRoadside blocks in its mansion were in control at the time, with several cars parked incorrectly. The way it was run by the authorities was so bad that the authorities were forced to do so. Toul Kork district handcuffs handcuffed to Kukkul school for rent Car access to the deal.

A police department's uniform was found on a sidewalk, which was installed by the Tuol Kok district authorities. Putting on the front wheel of the car as a precaution has frustrated the cancellation of the authority's board of governors Look forward to where you were when the District authorities, like Duch District bus down its stocks in public streets.

People said that past or present observers of the authority of Chbar Ampov district authorities used to drive all kinds of cars in the area. Local roads are governed by the imposition of improper parking or towing, even when the owner of each car However, all requests are made to the District Attorney's Office Be without compassion. And now when the other district authorities recaptured their district's bus, how did they feel about hurting themselves? That.

The public in general praises the transparency of the Tuol Kork authorities for enforcing the order. Roads in the area are well organized and while some cars are parked, there is no need for a rear tire. As a warning to the owners of the car, there is a separate command line City garden sugarcane with the pick-up. Phone: intellectual contingent sour