The Ministry of Commerce has announced that by the press ofCOVID-19 epidemic has caused concern for the Cambodian population, affecting food prices. Concerns about the shortage of currencies have led to an increase in opportunities for some consumers to raise prices.

According to a press release from the Federation of Cambodian Rice and Green Trade of the Ministry of Commerce on the night of March 7, inform the public that news of the epidemic COVID-19 has caused concern for many of our Cambodian people, affecting food prices. Food, in particular, has a number of traders Increased the price of rice.

Taking this opportunity, the Cambodian Rice Federation and Green Trade of the Ministry of Commerce would like to inform our Cambodian people about the quantity of rice stockpiled And members of the Cambodian Rice Federation Federation members across the country over 40 locations. There is enough of it Supply the demand of the domestic and for export to the season the Cardinals front.

Therefore, the Cambodia Rice Federation and the Green Trade Ministry of the Ministry of Commerce call on our people not to be alarmed. On the shortage of crabs, there have been a number of opportunists who have raised their prices.

To address the concerns and curb the situation from potential rice price hikes, the Rice Federation of Cambodia will cooperate with Ministry of Agriculture. The trade will open for sale by date and place from Monday, March 9, 2020 in some locations.