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Koh Kong: According to the preliminary report of the cops, a truck carrying farm equipment and cooking equipment while driving Passage of crooked road suddenly overturned, causing damage to 14 people, two seriously injured in car crash Suffered severe damage.

The incident took place at 8:15 am on February 28, 2020 at the Svay Rieng farm on the road. The elder Say Phuong is in Chi Tra Village, Andong Teuk Commune, Botum Sakor District, Koh Kong Province.

One vehicle above the blue KIA brand wearing Phnom Penh license plate 2O-8074 is a truck carrying farm equipment and kitchen equipment. All 14 injured (4 women), including two seriously injured (1 woman), were the driver Vehicle Name: Buu Xian Male, 42, Trapeang Village, Sre Ambel Commune, Sre Ambel District, Koh Kong Province. Salt Lake District 3 – Male, 32, Royal Residence Phnom Penh 4-Name of Pea Male, 33, Phnom Penh Residence 5-Name Chak Male, 36, Phnom Penh Residence 36-year-old Phnom Penh Municipality 7-Name Preklek, 32, Phnom Penh Residence 8 -Phnom Boys, 18, Phnom Penh 9-Name Nat Male, age 50, Royal residence 10-, 35-year-old male resident of Phnom Penh. The other four female victims, whose names were not known, were taken to the hospital before being taken to hospital Decentralization skills.

After the incident, the victim was taken to Andong Health Center. The car was seriously damaged and was taken to the Inspectorate. More details will be published on the Koh Santepheap newspaper. (Editing by: Thida)