Takhmao City Police Inspector General reported the accidentBetween motorcycles, trailers, trailers and cars
One man was killed on Friday, January 17, 2020 at 5:30 pm, in front of the Salween River. It is located in Bati Chi 1 Village, Sangkat Prekhor, Takhmao Town, Kandal Province along National Road 2.

The case was caused by a tractor trailer with a black SUZUKI VIVA 110 with no license plate (no helmet and rear view mirror). The driver, Keo Ratana, a 25-year-old male resident of Stung Chrov Sangam village, Takhmao city, Kandal province (died at the scene) The governor of Kandal Provincial Governor's Office sends the body to a relative for a funeral.

Police said that before the tractor-trailer drove in the direction of the tram to the foot of the crash, the collision with the STERLING. Phnom Penh 3C-0812 The driver of the car (not yet known) drove the car in a north-south direction causing the driver The trailers were dead at the scene.

This resulted in the loss of one light motorcycle and one light vehicle.
Relevant means shall be kept in the Inspection Division for the procedure to be carried out. Reasons for towing tractor-trailer drivers on sidewalks រថយន្ត By: Columbus