As the HIV-19 epidemic is raging in Cambodia, Pich Sreng, president of the CPP, calls on the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia to meet with private banks to delay the repayment of Cambodian debts. Borrowed money as capital in the past.

Recall that as of 10 pm on March 23, 2020, Cambodia had identified 87 cases of Kov-19, while the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders were continuing to search and test for other stakeholders.

According to the proposal of the Supreme Council for Delegation and Advisory of the Cambodian Youth Party on March 24, 2020, “Please request Samdech Techo to consider and negotiate with all private banks to delay the payment of debt. Khmer people who borrowed money for business and were infected with COVID-19 in Cambodia Their leaving many occupations and business of our fellow citizens badly lost revenue crisis and that they could not afford to pay the debt to private banks that they have borrowed it.

In this regard, Mr. Pich Sour suggested that Samdech Techo help a large number of Cambodians struggling to find income to support their families, as well as pay off debt to private banks during COVID-19. Rapid transmission in Cambodia. By: Eng Boucheng