TRE and the Committee on Combating ProductsThe Ministry of Interior has signed an agreement to curb counterfeit products such as alcohol, hand wash, gel and mask Profit in the Consequences of Corruption 19

Tuy, the CEO of TRE, said the agreement was an opportunity for her company to join the fight against the product. Counterfeit to protect national health and safety, especially eliminate and curb the sale of counterfeit and quality-controlled products Properly, posing a health risk and high risk.

Maj. Gen. Mach Sophanna, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the Anti-Counterfeit Product Committee (NEC) A) Suggesting that the global outbreak of Kovirus 19, as well as Cambodia, is present Also difficult were some looters to steal, import and distribute eg Medical equipment, alcohol, gels and disinfectants without clear source, not quality without obtaining permission from Ministry / competent authority Yet.

He said the action was illegal and could seriously affect people's health.
It should be noted that some offenders illegally import and distribute medical equipment for their own benefit, regardless of the health of the population and The society is often subdued and confiscated for the purpose of selling counterfeit products due to the misuse of standard drugs. , Nearly broken white Antioxidants and drugs under 30 degrees Celsius