Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Ministry of Interior announces transfer of authority from city / district and Khan police to the Chief of Police Residence Book, Residence Book, Residence Certificate, changes in family members, relocation, and all other corrective data Legislation sets out to make it easier for citizens.

Press Release on Ministry of Interior's 'Transfer of Residence and Family Book Offer' dated July 1, Phnom Penh The post aims to determine the transfer of jurisdiction to the booking of accommodation and books. For quick and easy access to housing and family listings for people living in Cambodia.

According to the press release, for the dormitory book, resident book, certificate of residence, changes in family members, relocation, and correction of data in Accommodation in accordance with the legal order is that the Ministry of Interior shall transfer the authority from the Inspector of Police, Municipal, District and Khan to the Director General of Administration. Commune Committees Examine Diploma Residence Book, Residential Certificate, Changes in Family Members, Relocation, and Correction of Records Stay in line with the legal norms.

Similarly, the Ministry of Interior has transferred the authority from the municipal / provincial police to the police, municipal, district and Khan. Family book records, changes in family members, and correction of family records according to legal norms.

The Ministry also states that the procedures and procedures of registration of family book, registration of family book, deletion or addition of members In the family book, the provision of the dummy, the relocation and the provision of temporary residence shall be determined by the Directorate General of Identification.

The press release states: “Residential and family books provided so far have legal value to use until the change. New. The Prakas and the Guidelines in the Residential and Family Registration Regulations continue to be of legal value until standard letters are obtained. The new legality supersedes any provisions that are contrary to this post. ”

Kang Sokhon, director general of the Ministry of Interior's Identity Department, could not be reached yesterday for comment. You have no recipients.

Lam Socheat, director of the Advocacy and Policy Institute (API), said yesterday that he supports the transfer of the family and residential books. To the police, commune and commune administration to bring public services closer to the people and reduce the level of complexity.

He urges all commune / city police officers to be more effective. Particularly in compliance with the law and instructions of the Ministry of Interior, avoiding any occurrence.

He said: "Both the service and the function and the authority to transfer from the top to the bottom is closer to the people. We all want it for a long time. Greater subnational empowerment is better, but I do not yet know the role of subordinate officers in fulfilling their legal duties or standards. To what extent? ”

“We are concerned about falsifying documents or colluding with immigrants to file all of them. So top officials should take that seriously. ”

Khoun Khorn, chief of the provincial police, Kampong Chhnang province's Kraing Souk commune, said yesterday that he had not yet seen the Ministry of Interior's announcement. This is yet. But in the past, if people wanted to make a living or family book, they had to apply through village chiefs, commune chiefs and posters, police, commune or commune authorities. Then it is submitted to the Inspector General of Police, District or Khan for the official signing ceremony.

Making a living or a family book will usually take a week or more, depending on the situation, he said. The only official of the district police inspector's office is either busy or busy.

“I think if the Ministry of Interior transferred it to the police, the commune or commune administration would do this or that,” he said. This is streamlining many procedures for our people, and we will not spend much time waiting. Before that, we had to wait one week. After that, the postal officers have to bring the family book or the book of residence to our own people. ”

According to a 1997 Royal Government Decree, the Family Book is a reference book for family members who have Khmer nationality and family ties. Of each family, including a spouse and one adopted or adopted child. Every Cambodian family who has Cambodian citizenship must have a family book. Foreigners do not have permission to use this family book.

Any person who has no Khmer nationality and impersonates in any form to hold a family book or any competent authority performing this duty is contrary to The provisions of the sub-decree on the family book shall be prosecuted in accordance with the law in force.