Kampong Speu: On July 21, 2020, a group of traders selling goods at Treng Trayeung Market In Phsar village, Treng Trayeung commune, Phnom Sruoch district, Kampong Speu province, protests erupted again, claiming that the market owners continued to oppress Increasingly, they make it difficult to engage in daily trading.
Protests by traders to the owner of Treng Trayeung Market have been observed for many years. Some are small and sometimes large enough to ask the intervention of the commune authorities to help solve, but always So far, the traders claim that there is no suitable solution yet.

Vendors' protests at Treng Trayeung Market, with a total of more than 500 stalls, focused on a number of cases in which market owners The perpetrators accused the market owner (husband In Chea Rath and wife Srun Malis) of raping them. On the contract of sale and lease of stalls by eliminating the parking space for bicycles, motorbikes and cars and instead using the road in the market as a place to send bicycles Motorcycles once. This case makes it very difficult for the traders because the place to send bikes and motorcycles is hidden near the traders' stalls, making it impossible for shoppers Access to shopping.

In addition, the vendors also mentioned that the market owner did not allow them to set up their own umbrellas, but forced them to rent the market owner's umbrella. Absolutely will have to pay the umbrella fee as determined by the market owner, otherwise the market owner will find other things to interfere with the sale. Regular. In addition, the vendors said that the owner of the market did various activities to disturb the shoppers in the market if you The buyer refuses to take the motorcycle to the street in the market. Ms. Pich Lang, a trader representative at Treng Trayeung Market, told CEN that there are times when shoppers are too lazy to send a motorbike. Stop buying immediately, the market security took the ticket to the motorcycle immediately and demanded the money to send the motorcycle immediately while the motorcycle owner was sitting on Motorbike yet.

Ms. Pich Lang continued, “Even if you come to eat food by parking your motorbike next to you, the market security requires you to pay for the motorbike. These cases often occur but there is no solution, such as the case of a tourist bus to stop outside the market to allow time for guests to enter Shopping, but the market owner has asked the car owner to pay more, I think it is not appropriate, so it will not have you Come and buy things in the market. ”

Similarly, another trader, who asked not to be named, made similar remarks about the actions of the owner of Treng Trayeung Market. The trader claimed, “If he uses the road in the market as a place to send motorbikes to hide the stalls, then how can the buyers come and buy? ? Or does the market owner want buyers to crawl on motorcycles to buy goods? ”

Please be reminded that on May 13th, 2020, the information team of CEN Information Center visited to report at Treng Trayeung Market. Already once live on Facebook and raised the above case, but later reported from Vendors say that after the promotion, not only was there no solution, but the market owners increased the restrictions and put more pressure on the traders. More acne. At the same time, the market owner attacked the traders in various ways, such as: There were stalls, traders who dared to protest the most, including 2 traders The image was damaged by the invasion of the missing stalls twice. They claimed that in the past, those who dared to protest would face threats or beheaded at night. Other Loss The market owner (husband In Chea Rath and wife Srun Malis) was never responsible. In addition, the market owner has increased the price of stalls and issued stricter restrictions on traders who do not sell the amount. Three days will be confiscated, even if the trader pays the full wage.
Vendors say that the market owner's oppression has been going on for many years, despite the fact that the commune authorities have repeatedly advised the market owner However, he did not listen, and sometimes the authorities used to say that the problem at Treng Trayeung Market was beyond his ability to solve. .

Due to the lack of a solution, on the afternoon of July 21, 2020, a group of business representatives arrived at the CEN Information Center in Phnom Penh to protest and request To help spread the word about this issue, the business community has also asked for the help of the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Samdech Techo Hun Sen. Claim that the problem at Treng Trayeung Market will not be solved until Samdech Techo Hun Sen helps solve it as soon as possible because the problem has occurred For many years, the commune authorities did not have a solution until now.

In connection with the allegations made by traders at Treng Trayeung Market against the market owner In Chea Rath and his wife Srun Malis, CEN could not Ask for clarification from the market owner, both at the time of the previous protest (on May 13, 2020) and the last time (at July 21, 2020) A CEN Reporter tried to call and texted several times but the call was not answered. The recipient and no respondent.