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Mondul Kiri Province: As Kov 19 worsens, tourism in Mondulkiri is gradually improving. Over the last few months there has been a steady stream of tourists and tourist destinations are starting to get crowded There is usually a difference between March and April which is quiet The simmering.

For example, at Myrtle Beach, many tourists visit the province and tourists from the province. Other provinces Although this resort is located more than 100km from Sen Monorom town near the border of Ratanakiri province . Myrtle Island is a unique resort compared to other resorts in Mondulkiri because of its resort. This is along the Tonle Sap river with a beautiful desert, with shallow water conditions favorable for a lot of fun for kids. Old and old.

Tourists point out that the main attraction of the Myrtle Island resort is because the river has a bamboo forest. The river bank is a shade for tourists to relax in or enjoy a family meal.

This resort has a desert, the water is not too cold to play it safe and is different from other resorts in the province because Most of the tourist attractions in Mondulkiri are either mountainous or a waterfall. Above is a unique tourist spot Put Kiri, located next to the river.

Tourists can also rent a local boat for a cruise on the river. The resort is located at Koh Myr Leu village, Nong Khil commune, Koh Nhek district, about 140km from Sen Monorom. The entrance to the resort is about 40 kms red family road but this beach has a sandy beach. In the dry season, the dry season will only be visible.

Mondulkiri Governor Svay Sam Eang told the Post yesterday that the tourism sector in Mondulkiri had improved slightly by tourists. Only 3% to 5% of arrivals start to visit.