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Kratie Provincial Tourism Department official said that following the situation of Kov-19 had been in a state of disrepair. Once again, the situation of travelers and tourists who visit the region Tourism in Kratie seems to have a slight increase in rates during the year Within a week the last.

Provincial Tourism Department chief met with Ratanakkiri province on April 29. Out-of-province tourists visit the tourist spots in the province at a slight increase New Year's Eve so far.

Most of the tourist attractions in Kratie are focused on the Irrawaddy delta, the Mekong River and the Mekong River. Kampuchea and the historic Sor Sar Pagoda 100, all three of which are on the same road, are located Bridge and Mekong River in Kratie Province.

Although Ratanak said that even though the rate of visitors seems to be slight after a while, to prevent it Against this global epidemic, the authorities, especially the tourism authorities in the tourist destinations, continue to encourage visitors to use it. Washing hands and alcohol, as well as being homeless Apart at every reunion.

According to the Kratie Provincial Tourism Department, the number of tourists visiting the province from today From April to the end of April, there were only 4,000, compared to last year As many as 140,000 people saw large disparities. (Editing by: Thida)