Phnom Penh: Ms. Touch Srey Leak, now life is depressing. Many months ago, she broke up with her husband and tried to hide until she could no longer bear to hide.

Touch Sreyleak and her foreign husband got married in the traditional way and eventually broke up. Touch Srey Leak almost could not stand because she did not expect to experience such a sad life. She sleeps sadly every day, wants to be a psychopath, because it is unacceptable because everyone in the family circle has a strong love Happiness.

As a celebrity who has done a lot of work in the past, this tall star has struggled and set his sights on concentration. Back to the son and respect for relatives and friends. "No matter how difficult life is, we must try to smile with tears, move forward, do not give up!" This is what Touch Srey Leak said after releasing a song, "You can go and get sick."

"I never thought we would encounter something like this," she cried. When something happens in the family, keep asking yourself if this is true or not. But over time, the scale of the problem grows to the point where it becomes a mountain of pressure that we face and try to pull out lightly. "Since then, I have lost my freshness everywhere in the program, hiding my crisis forever."

However, Touch Srey Leak said, "This does not allow me to fall, I let them go. My position is that I have a son who is the heart, the eyes, the eyes, the care. Another has friends, good art work, compassion for her from the relatives of the masses, which is the motivation. "Because of that, dig to bury my life to let them go, I can be strong and not give up."

Ms. Touch Srey Leak said that she has many plans for her art career that can not be abandoned, especially the release of songs, because each song that Broadcasting with support became her motivation.

Touch Srey Leak's love story that he does not think about anything other than work and taking care of his children "If we are not strong, who can help us? Only myself. ”