Preah Vihear province: Rainstorms mixed with windUpon the arrival of the villagers on April 25, 2020, the village of Chau Reang village was located in the district of Kandal Province. 18 houses.

The scale of the damage caused by the wind was caused by the wind, said Pavianian, acting governor of Choam Ksan district. The wreck left 18 people in the house nearly completely destroyed, including 13 roofs. From the four pillars collapsed, one tree collapsed and a school was torn apart Some of the tiles as well.

The deputy governor of Choam Ksan district also confirmed that the wind was not causing any injury or death to the people. Either that or that affects the life of the penguin.

The acting governor of Choam Ksan district also appealed to the citizens to exercise extreme caution in this case. This is the rainy season. People who have been farming far away from the house, if the sky is raining, please hurry and return quickly. Return to your home, or you can look for some safety precautions to prevent the occasional thunderstorm.