(Phnom Penh), July 03, 2020: Who's to say no to … Tired of the day-to-day chores… and spend hours rubbing your hands on laundry! That's why every housewife decides to buy a washing machine instead … but instead choosing the wrong laundry machine, life is getting worse !! I dare say so… !!

Think of some common laundry machines that break your beloved's clothes, tear apart, strip, strip, sieve and stain soap, causing itching, skin problems, and especially a rattle-like drumbeat. …! Don't you? You know it, but now you don't worry… !!

All of these issues are easily solved with the smart washing machine, Samsung Top Doors, the new 2020 series, the amazing capabilities and the many new technologies available to you, especially ladies and gentlemen. Every home has the utmost convenience and sophistication:

  • Digital Inverter Technology
    Internet technology on this motor is more durable, more powerful even with full tank water, quieter sound, save up to 40% more than regular motor, make laundry more efficient and more efficient. Motor warranty up to 11 years as well!
  • Wobble Technology
    This is a fully rotating tank technology! So no longer worry about torn clothes! The technology will be protected by rotating with high currents, fully rotating, and with a rotating bottom.
  • Magic Dispenser
    With a detergent, the soap and air can dissolve the soap completely, easily, quickly, the fabric penetrates and the cleaner is clean! So, goodbye to skin allergies, 2 creams, scabies and can be used in both shampoo and detergent!
  • Intensive Wash
    This is a unique technology! The stain laundry function effectively removes heavy stains as this is a blend of detergent and drainage, making it easier to penetrate the fabric quickly and add a soothing effect. Automatic Fabrication too !!
  • Deep Softener
    This durable scent cleanser ensures that every garment smells better and softens the fabric! This function will allow up to 20% more permeation to the fabric for you need a full day of fragrance !!
  • Magic Filter
    This filter will effectively remove dirt from the tank, help reduce congestion and prevent debris from clinging to the clothes! Especially, this filter is easy to remove for cleaning!
  • Rear Control
    With Samsung's intelligent design, all control buttons are designed to be easy to use, easy to see, fit, and unbutton, without touching the button, intentionally and reducing back pain!
  • Soft Closing Door
    Automatic door lock closes automatically! Easy on, off, no noise! The cover is made of solid, transparent glass that can be seen inside without having to open or close the lid, and is not easily scratched!
  • Diamond Drum
    The tank-shaped barrel protects the garment from cracking with tiny pores with high efficiency in washing well and seamlessly with your clothes!
  • Smart Check
    Easy to find problems and solutions! So you won't waste money when the engine trouble is up! This Smart Check program will detect the code on your machine and specify the solution by simply downloading App-Samsung Smart Washer by logging into Smart Check and scanning the code on the washing machine !!

Don't get caught up in laundry problems that disrupt your sense of humor and your precious time…! Samson Washing Machine Top Door New Series 2020
The Best Choice for You! If you want to know for sure, what to do …?

For more information, please contact your nearest Samsung dealer directly or contact customer service at: 1800-203232!