Most consumers who use the keypad should want a more affordable phone as well as the ability to communicate and assist with their daily tasks and lifestyle.

As a result, the company has released the new top-of-the-line handset, the CF 105 Pro, a free-to-air TV, and an O7, a waterproof phone with a thermometer that is easy to measure and has the functionality and benefits More to meet your parents' needs and respond to the Cambodian mobile market.

Top of the phone, the new CF 105 Pro has the following features:

• The CF 105 Pro features a wide variety of high-definition TVs that are now available online without the internet.

8000mAh giant battery lasts 65 days

Powerbank features charging multiple phones more quickly and easily with CF 105 Pro like Powerbank.

• Great speaker

• Bluetooth Speaker function allows you to play MP3 & MP4 music, especially with beautiful LED lighting along with more music.

• Near the camera we saw a large flashlight, a large flashlight, which was 30 meters

• Turn on the radio without the headset on

It can add up to 32GB of memory card recording

• CF 105 Pro $ 38 SIM 3 Add a fan

While the O7 is waterproof, strong battery, rechargeable, 7-day, durable, easy to break, dust resistant, flashlight, strong service especially easy to measure temperature instantly. There is a lot of support from our customers on the river and the sea.

Most customers know about the Smartphone because of its longer battery life and greater service.

"Think of a Cell Phone, Think of a Smartphone"

Mfone has been the only Cambodian mobile phone manufacturer and distributor since 2012.

Camfone has been awarded the BEST DOMESTIC MOBILE PHONE BRAND IN CAMBODIA from the United Kingdom based on strong support from the Cambodian people and bestselling Cambodian.

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